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Wuhan Changyi New Materials Co., Ltd. focuses on the application basis and engineering research of new high-performance surface functional protective coating materials, and builds joint research and innovation platforms with many well-known institutions and research institutes in special nano functional protective coatings. The coating application process and interface control, coating long-term service performance and other areas have continuous innovation capabilities.

At present, the "CT-H type hydrophobic protective coating" series independently developed by the company has passed the inspection of the national authoritative inspection agency and reached the international leading level. The product has the functions of hydrophobic oleophobic, anti-fouling and self-cleaning, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof and mildew-proof, and provides high-performance surface protection solutions for rail transit, municipal construction, power electronics, automobile ships, green buildings, clean energy, aerospace military and other fields.

The company advocates corporate social responsibility, adhering to the "first or only" business philosophy, through scientific research and high-tech innovation to meet the needs of customers for sustainable development.